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Real Estate More Help Courses, Library Ebooks, Real Estate Investing, Estate Realestatebooks, Real Estate License, Books Business Investing, Estate Books, Books Serelo Real Estate Course Prep. Get your BC Real Estate License or BC Mortgage Broker License. Professional teachers. Pass Guarantee. A successful real estate investor Scott my website Yancey, along with his interior designer wife Amie, star in the hit A&E show Flipping Vegas, Scott acquires, rehabilitates and flips real estate in the Las Vegas area. Flipping Vegas now in it's third season, rated as A&E TV's number one daytime show. As both the creator, and star of the show Scott is also the sole investor in each house he flips. Every episode is a high paced race to try and make a profit.Readiness Guarantee. The Best Instructors. The Most Resources. Get the Tools You Need to Ace the Real Estate License Exam and the Mortgage Broker Exam - Top Real Estate Investing Books | Serelo #SearchRentLove Investing in Real Estate #realestatebooks Real Estate Investing Learn about the APOD. Why it's a popular real estate investing report and how to construct one.